Information theory and coding
Information theory is the study of the fundamental limits of information transmission (or coding) and storage (or compression). This course offers a broad introduction to information theory and its real-world applications. A subset of the following is covered: entropy and information; theoretical limits of lossless data compression and practical algorithms; communication in the presence of noise; channel capacity; channel coding.


Lectures (in french)

  • Objet de la théorie de l'information [pdf]
  • Mesure quantitative de l'information [pdf]
  • Codage de source discrète [pdf]
  • Canaux discrets [pdf]
  • Eléments d'algèbre discrète [pdf]
  • Codes linéaires [pdf]
  • Codes de Hamming et codes cycliques [pdf]

Exercises (in french) [pdf]

Exams (in french) [pdf] [pdf]